Agri Food & Feed is a leader supplier of livestock feed ingredients and food products for human consumption. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and high-quality products that meet the increasing demands of our customers. Our strategic alliances with small and medium producers in the United States and South America, allows us to connect producers and end-users in a streamlined and simplified process.

As the growing agricultural industry is constantly challenged to meet growing worldwide demand, Agri Food & Feed provides its customers with a range of products that help optimize production and meet the highest safety and quality standards. Additionally, and as part of the company’s commitment with the environment, Agri Food & Feed uses innovative ways to reduce waste and reuse materials, including smart shipping, sustainable sourcing and the use of biodegradable packaging materials.

Agri Food & Feed is committed to providing the finest products and services, business transparency and global logistics capabilities. Our company has over 15 years of experience in the procurement, transportation and commodities industries. We have a nutritional team dedicated to custom-formulations to satisfy the specific and individual needs of our clients, and our product line experts have experience in animal and meat science to guarantee the best selection for food products.